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Sibi Paul handpicked the five useful software to create content online

 Sibi Paul introduces five of the most useful software to create content online. 

Sibi Paul handpicked the five useful software to create content online-vpn
Bengaluru, First Published Jul 2, 2021, 6:17 PM IST
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Technology has changed the most in the marketing sector over the past decade than in any business sector. Many companies that were in crisis were able to succeed with innovative business strategies. Digital marketing companies, which have dared to experiment with innovative business strategies, have saved many businesses. Those companies identified their customer's wishes and produced creative and engaging content that would engage them in the discussions, and they succeeded.

Sibi Paul is an author and entrepreneur, also a Google Certified Digital Marketing Strategist. Sibi Paul is excellent at creating content using Artificial Intelligence.

"Customer's attention and credibility can only be achieved by creating attractive and value-filled content," Sibi Paul explained.

Sibi Paul is a kind of entrepreneur who is satisfied with teaching and winning over the online business potential to companies striving hard for a successful business.

Finding helpful software from the Internet, where technical information overflows, is an arduous task. 

From his fourteen years of experience, Sibi Paul introduces five of the most useful software to create content online. an Artificial Intelligence-based Text to Speech Tool is an artificial intelligence program that can help you to convert any text to speech. It allows content creators to provide human neural voice-overs for YouTube videos, commercial ads, news, podcasts, and presentations. can be used wherever a professional studio-quality voice is needed. It has over 400 AI voice-over artists and can speak in 65 languages.

"Speechz can create 30 minutes of voice-over in less than 30 seconds." Sibi Paul continued.
Grammarly & Hemingway App: Most Helpful Writing Software

Grammarly is an AI-powered tool that helps people improve their writing and precisely convey what they intend to do. This tool encourages writers by providing clear, error-free writing while giving ideas that extend well beyond grammar. 

On the other hand, The Hemingway App ( ) helps improve an article's readability.

Both of the tools are pretty useful and important in the industry. It elevates good content into something exalted.

Canva: One-stop solution for all the designing needs.

Canva is a free online graphics software. That lets anybody create anything they want. It is advantageous to produce videos or pictures from scratch. Plenty of templates are available for all social media sites. To make it easier to use, the contents of the templates can modify. It is the ideal tool for creating a visual for any campaign.

Apowersoft: The Ultimate screen recording software.

Apowersoft screen recorder is very helpful to record screens and create tutorial-based videos easily. But it is more than just a screen recorder, and it is an editor that is also useful to edit videos and create content while making a tutorial on it.

" I tried almost every screen recorders available online, and each software was missing something I needed. Finally, I found Apowersoft, and it became my last screen recorder. It's a Complete Screen Recorder." Sibi Paul continued.

Google Trends and Alerts
Google news helps to find the latest topics around the world. One can even select a particular category according to their niche.
Google Alerts help us get email notifications when someone mentions a keyword online, while hashtag trends help find trending topics online.
Google trends capture real-time trends and help News publishers to grab trending topics.
"Proper and combined usage of these tools can help any content creators to find and develop engaging content." Sibi Paul explained.
The future of Digital Marketing

"Unlike SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, the future of Digital Marketing is unpredictable. But one thing is sure; in the coming decade, Artificial Intelligence will handle a significant role in the marketing industry. Ads Copywriting, AI video presentation, AI News presentation, virtual video ads, like new kinds of content topics are discussed even now between digital content strategists." Sibi Paul concluded.
In the ever-changing area of digital marketing, he aims to provide people and small companies with the knowledge and skills needed to grasp the essential techniques and strategies that will propel their business success.
Knowing the importance of content creation in the marketing world, Sibi Paul wants the youth to comprehend the complexities of content strategies, content writing, content marketing, and Artificial Intelligence to improve their career prospects.
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