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Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan tries to instigate Shiv Thakare; latter's response will melt your heart

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, MC stan tried to instigate Shiv Thakare by hurling inappropriate words at him. However, the latter’s poised reply will win your heart as he says, “It doesn’t matter how rich someone is, what matters is how rich you’re by your heart.”

MC Stan tries to instigate Shiv Thakare here is how the latter reacted drb
First Published Oct 6, 2022, 1:45 PM IST

Shiv Thakare, who emerged as a winner in the second season of Bigg Boss Marathi, has successfully gained a massive fan following owing to his game in the show. And now that Shiv has entered the Bigg Boss 16 house, he is continuing to win the hearts of the audience with his charming personality in the show. 

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thakare yet again showcased his class by maintaining his calm when MC Stan tried to instigate a fight between the two by repeatedly hurling inappropriate words at Shiv. Stan kept saying, “You are jealous of me because I am rich than you.” While initially Shiv maintained silence and kept calm but when the former instigated him further, Shiv got up and gave a heart-winning reply to him. Shiv said “I never said anything wrong to you and it doesn’t even matter how rich someone is. What matters is how rich you’re by your heart and I am very rich by heart”

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After some time, towards the end of the day, Sajid Khan made MC Stan understand that he has misunderstood what Shiv has said and that he should go and talk to him. MC Stan realised the situation and went and spoke to Shiv. The two eventually mended their ways.

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Shiv Thakare’s non-egoistic attitude wins the hearts of the audience: Not just with MC Stan but Shiva Thakare has been keeping his calmness with every contestant. Before the Stan episode, Shiv on multiple occasions proved that he is a man of ethics. Recently, when Manya Singh tried to take a dig at Sumbul Touqueer’s acting career, Shiv interrupted her in middle and said, “What you’ve achieved is obviously great but that doesn’t mean her achievements are nothing. TV actors also have their share of hard work and so does Sumbul”

Soon after this, there was another incident where Soundarya tried to raise her voice on Shiv Thakare responded to her in the same tone. Upon hearing him, Soundarya said, "Tum aaye honge jhuggi se, mein nahi." However, Shiv did not lose his calm and instead replied saying, “I never disrespect anyone ever but if someone talks to me disrespectfully for no reason, I will definitely take a stand against it, irrespective of the gender.”

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