A trending topic on Twitter on Monday has been the raging issue - ‘Nepotism’. Rahul Vaidya, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 14, will nominate Jaan Kumar Sanu, nepotism being the reason. 

Tonight's promo video showed Jaan and Rahul indulging in a verbal battle. Jaan Kumar Sanu said, “I'm grateful that my father is Mr Kumar Sanu. Not everyone is so grateful. Unfortunate for you" to which Rahul in reply commented, “I don't need anyone to be my father.”

Indian Idol participant Rahul Vaidya stood up against nepotism on the show and said that every other contestant became a part of this house because of their ‘hardwork’ whereas Jaan got a spot because of his father’s reputation. Jaan, the son of Kumar Sanu, is also a singer.

Though a few participants objected to Rahul's decision, he received immense support from Twitter. Users retweeted and commented like, "Rahul Vaidya, well done, finally someone had the guts to say this"; "Whatever you have said was so perfect!" and "Rahul Vaidya has raised the voice of the people of India on such a big platform!" Sara Gurpal, ex-Bigg Boss 14 participant tweeted "Hard work pays off".