There are many veteran actors in Telugu Film Industry who have crossed the 50-age-mark and continue to make their mark in the industry. Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Rajasekhar and Ravi Teja, to name a few.

The recent blockbuster hit of Dr. Rajasekhar’s PSV Garuda Vega brought to the fore the action stunts of these senior actors. According to sources, these actors are interested in doing their own action stunts without a body double. These actors are finding thrill in doing risky action scenes though warned against by the family and the film unit.

The actors who used body double for their risky shots during their young days are now keen to perform any risky shot much to the appreciation of the audience and the anxiety of the crew.

The reason for the actors’ choice to personally perform in action scenes is to entertain their fans. They also wish to avoid being trolled at by the people. With intense usage of modern technology, people become aware of graphics and dupes which lead to trolling in social media.

Another major reason is that security standards have increased and action choreographers have everything in place which makes the actors take up risky stunts.