AP: TDP MLA acts petty, gets poor fisherwoman's cart removed over minor argument

First Published 8, Oct 2017, 1:25 PM IST
TDP MLA gets fisherwomans cart removed over minor argument
  • TDP Chirala MLA showed his high-handedness when he became angry with a fish stall vendor and apprehended her vehicle
  • This incident happened when he participated in the Inti Intiki TDP program
  • The woman vented out her anguish that none of the leaders were of any use to her

Prakasam district Chirala TDP (Telugu Desam Party) MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan participated in the Inti Intiki TDP program on Thursday evening at the shipyard shore. He saw garbage in the shore and called a fish vendor Konduri Anjamma and asked her as to why garbage is being strewn around.

She answered that she wasn’t responsible for the garbage and also expressed her dissatisfaction that none of the sarpanchs, MPTC members and MLAs are useful for them. This angered the MLA, who objected saying, “Speak carefully. Who are you to question me? Do you have Panchayat permission to sell fish here on this vehicle?”

When she answered that there were no licenses to the vehicles parked there for selling, Amanchi ordered rural SI Bhaktavatsala Reddy to move her vehicle to the panchayat office. He thundered, ‘You came here with the intention of arguing with me. How dare you argue with me?’

The police shifted the fish vehicle to the panchayat office on a tractor. Anjamma was agitated that only her vehicle was moved as she belonged to MLC Pothula Sunitha’s side. She expressed her sorrow after her only means of livelihood was taken away.