Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple is one of the most famous and auspicious temples in India. The temple receives a huge number of devotees on a regular basis, and security needs to be optimal to ensure that no untoward incident happens here.


However, of late, the security of the Venkateswara Temple is not up to its usual standards. At the Alipiri security checkpoint, the vehicle scanner is not working from past six months, as per a Hindu report. The scanner had some technical snag, and till now, the authorities have not been able to repair it. 


This vehicle scanner is crucial for security since it detects explosive materials, liquor and items that should not be carried to the holy temple. Once a vehicle is scanned at the first checkpoint, the security officials who monitor the vehicle from a control room alert their colleagues present at the next checkpoint cum toll gate. 


Due to the non-functioning of the scanner, the security officials are doing a manual search of each vehicle visiting the temple which is taking a lot of time eventually resulting in heavy traffic. 


The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) management reportedly has sanctioned for the repair work, however, yet not action has been taken to make the scanner work. 


Apart from the scanner, there is a camera installed at Alipiri checkpoint. This camera is set up at a low-lying point at the foot of the Tirupati hills, and during rains, there is a possibility that this camera might get damaged. At present, this camera has been sent for annual maintenance work. In other words, the entry to the holy temple is exposed to security risks. 


As per the same report, on April 18, the executive officer of TTD, Sambasiva Rao, on his regular visit enquired about why the security system has not been fixed yet.