Army recruitment rally postponed due to heavy rains in Vijayanagar

First Published 7, Oct 2017, 6:50 PM IST
Army recruitment rally postponed due to heavy rains in Vijayanagar
  • Army recruitment rally was to commence from October 6 and go up to October 17 in Vijayanagar Rajiv Gandhi Sports Grounds
  • The recruitment had to be postponed because of the continuous rains in the city from Thursday night
  • Candidates from six districts came to participate in the rally and stood drenching in the rain from Thursday night

Recruitment in the four categories of Indian Army was planned by the officials from October 6 to 17 at the Vijayanagar Rajiv Gandhi Sports Grounds. The huge rally which was supposed to commence on Friday had to be postponed due to the intense rains which resulted in the running track becoming muddy.

Candidates from six districts came to participate in the army recruitment rally and they were stranded near the sports grounds since Thursday night. 400 metres of running track out of 1600 metres had become mushy with rain and in the first slot of running 300 candidates participated on early Friday morning.

Only six candidates were able to qualify in the first slot. In the second slot, heavy rains disrupted the race and the track became murkier. 300 candidates found it difficult to run and none of them could finish the race within the stipulated time.  In the third slot, candidates ran in the muddy track amidst heavy downpour and one candidate was able to qualify.

Army recruitment rally was observed by JC-2 Nageswara Rao at 6:00 am on Friday and he explained the situation of the ground and the encumbrances faced by the candidates to the army officials. After discussions, the army higher officials postponed the recruitment for two months. This was announced to the media by Army Deputy Director General (Recruitment) YS Sankiyan and JC-2 Nageswara Rao.

But the running track was immediately repaired and by evening, District Collector Vivek Yadav intervened and said that further decision would be taken after the track is observed on Saturday and the recruitment process may resume as per schedule.

The candidates were disheartened with the postponement of army recruitment. They had come from far-off places and had waited for two days in the rain outside the sports ground. They were disappointed that their practice and preparation had gone in vain.

Rajiv Gandhi Sports ground running track was prepared with red sand and gravel powder and the track was levelled for one week. But due to the last two days of rain they couldn’t level it and the red sand became muddy and murky. The candidates who were supposed to run four rounds stopped after one or two rounds as they feared of hurting themselves.

Four candidates fainted while running and had to be given medical treatment. Deputy Director General (Recruitment) YS Sankiyan was satisfied with the preparations in the Sports ground.