A total of 10, 449 household toilets in 71 villages in less than 100 hours were built by the Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district administration. Those numbers speak loudly enough for the feat that the district administration has achieved.


The Vizianagram district administration used the help of 20,000 masons and labourers and 3000 employees to get this work done. Materials like bricks, sand, cement, rings, sanitary ware, pre-fabricated roofs and doors were already supplied by the administration before.  


"The program has been undertaken successfully. It has provided a big boost to the locals, who have also come forward to help. Many officials have worked hard to ensure this," the district collector told the media.


"We will continue this program, and make sure that all the villages in the district are declared Open Defecation Free (ODF). A vigilance committee will be formed with the help of women and youngsters, to ensure that people use the toilets," the collector added.


Open defecation has been one of the major issues in this country and to restrict people, the administration took a brilliant step. In this way, the people of these villages will also learn about proper sanitation and how to lead a healthy life.


"We now plan to build 20,000 more toilets. Our goal is to make sure that the entire district Vizianagaram is ODF free," the collector expressed.