By Team Asianet Newsable | 11:33 AM July 16, 2017
Kiran Kumar Reddy to team up with Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena?


  • Former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has been without a party for 3 years
  • He was not seen after the separation of States
  • He announced that he would join a party soon, but that didn’t happen
  • Now there is a rumour that he has received a call from Janasena

Is the former chief minister joining a political party? A rumour doing rounds in media circles is that he was invited to join the Janasena and Pawan Kalyan is intending to give him the second in command responsibility of the party.


Kiran Kumar Reddy has been waiting for this call since a long time. Though he avoided contesting the 2014 elections, he had to face political insults. He tried joining BJP seeing Modi’s charisma and it would have worked but caste came in the way. A BJP leader from Khammam had reportedly warned him of joining BJP as there was an inflow of Rayalseema Reddys. Even Kiran, could not grow as a “Reddy leader”.


He had been spending his time watching cricket matches, walking, playing tennis and spending time between Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Earlier he had announced his intention of taking a political decision in Gurramkonda village of Chittoor district, but there was no further report. It was believed that he was writing a book based on the separation of states and it is titled- “Memories of Chief Minister”.


Now, suddenly a news has come that Kiran and Pawan are about to meet. Some people are reported to have expressed fear for Pawan’s political career. Janasena’s principles of an equal society, change, would fall apart if he ropes in Kiran Kumar Reddy. The destiny of Janasena is being touted to be the same as that of the Prajaarajyam party.


Janasena army is recruited on the basis of many exams and interviews. Would such a party be kept in the hands of ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy? So, the question arises as to what Pawan’s goals are, what he said and what he is doing?


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