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Studying for 35 years, Chennai professor holds 145 degrees


  • Chennai professor VN Parthiban holds 145 degrees including research and masters' degrees.
  • He has been studying and appearing for exams for over three decades.
  • He teaches over 100 subjects in various Chennai colleges.

To quench his thirst for knowledge, 55-year-old VN Parthiban has spent over 35 years studying and enrolling for various courses. And he plans to never stop.

A Chennai-based professor has been studying for over 35 years and has 145 degrees under his sleeve.


Parthiban's long list of degrees includes 12 research degrees (M.Phil), 8 Master of Law degrees (ML), 10 Master of Arts degrees (MA), 8 Master of Commerce degrees (M.Com), 3 Master of Science Degrees (M.Sc), and 9 Master of Business Administration degrees (MBA), among others.


Along with pursuing various degrees, Parthiban has been teaching over 100 subjects in various Chennai colleges.



How did Parthiban manage to get these degrees? Here's how.


The 55-year-old professor has been studying and applying for various courses for over three decades.


"I really enjoy studying. It's not difficult at all. I have been continuously in the process of preparing for exams and applying for new degrees or diploma courses," Parthiban told The Huffington Post.


Every weekend, the professor is either appearing for an examination or working on his research paper.


Hailing from a middle-class family in Madras, Parthiban always considered education as a luxury. His passion for education didn't stop him burning the midnight oil to pursue more degrees even after he got a job.


"I struggled hard to finish my first college degree and got a job in the judiciary department. Then I started to apply wherever they do not require a transfer certificate for registration so that I could study different courses at the same time," the professor said in the news report.


Teaching over 100 subjects has taken a toll on Parthiban's memory and sometimes, he even forgets which subject he is supposed to teach in which college. 


Parthiban confessed that even though he holds a number of degrees he isn't very good when it comes to remembering people's faces. "I do not burden my mind with anything that is less important. I keep my mind calm," Parthiban added.


Even though Parthiban has achieved what most of can hardly dream of, he is not unfamiliar with failure. "I have failed in Actuarial Sciences. The course required a lot of mathematics, and I didn't put in enough effort," Parthiban said in the news report.


The professor couldn't complete his CA (Final) because when he was studying for the course and at the same time was working in a government-aided college. "Working in the college took a lot of my time," he explained.


Parthiban's wife didn't hold herself back either. She is a bank employee who has nine degrees herself. The intellectual couple has a son and a daughter who have studied engineering and pursued MBA too.


Age is no bar for this knowledge-thirsty Chennai professor who plans to continue applying for courses.


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