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North Korea asks citizens to give 'patriotic' names like 'bomb', 'gun' to their children

North Korean authorities have asked adults and children to change their names if they are deemed too soft or simple. Babies are to be given monikers deemed “revolutionary” enough - such as words meaning 'loyalty' or 'bomb' or 'gun'.

North Korea asks citizens to give patriotic names like bomb gun to their children gcw
First Published Dec 5, 2022, 1:14 PM IST

North Korea wants parents to give children ‘patriotic’ names like ‘Bomb’, ‘Gun’ and ‘Satellite’. According to reports, Pyongyang is taking strict measures against names that the administration deems to be "too soft." North Korea used to allow names like A Ri, which means "loved one," and Su Mi, which means "great beauty," which are popular in South Korea, but now the latter nation wants such names altered to more patriotic and ideological ones.

Kim Jong-un demands that the new names end in a consonant, and failure to do so might result in punishment, according to reports. According to the commander, disobeying the order to disclose these names is "anti-socialist," and anyone who disobey might get a punishment. According to the reports, acceptable names include Pok Il, which means "bomb," Chung Sim, which means "loyalty," and Ui Song, which means "satellite."

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Residents have expressed dissatisfaction about having to change their names in order to comply with state regulations. According to the source, notices have been sent to citizens' meetings for the neighborhood-watch unit from last month pushing them to fix names without final consonants. North Korean officials have stated that their country's names should not resemble those that are common in South Korea as tensions between the two Koreas rise.

It is well known that North Korea issues instructions that are so strict. Earlier, as part of an 11-day period of mourning beginning on December 17, the tenth anniversary of former leader Kim Jong-passing, il's the nation reportedly forbade its inhabitants from laughing, shopping, or drinking.

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In the meantime, Kim Jong Un has also requested a significant political gathering before the end of the year, when he is anticipated to discuss his tight ties with Seoul and Washington over the growth of his nuclear and missile programmes.

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