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Night of terror! New footage shows Nova Festival victims dancing, laughing ahead of Hamas massacre (WATCH)

In a nightmarish turn of events, the Nova Festival at Kibbutz Re’im becomes a scene of terror on October 7 as Hamas terrorists targeted partygoers, leaving death, hostage situations, and haunting footage in their wake.

Night of terror! New footage shows Nova Festival victims dancing, laughing ahead of Hamas massacre (WATCH) snt
First Published Oct 23, 2023, 1:09 PM IST

On the night of October 7, a serene desert music festival at Israel's Kibbutz Re’im turned into a scene of unimaginable horror. What was meant to be a joyous celebration ended in tragedy with more than 260 of them falling victim to the violence of Hamas terrorists during the Nova Festival. Among the survivors, an unknown number of individuals are being held hostage in Gaza, and there are reports of horrifying accounts of sexual assault.

The events of that fateful night unfolded with shocking brutality. Hamas terrorists, designated as a terrorist organisation by multiple countries, carried out a devastating attack on the Nova Festival. Armed with firearms and explosives, they targeted the innocent partygoers who had come to enjoy music and community. 

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Channel 12 news recently aired footage from the Nova Festival, which is a haunting reminder of the night's events. It captures the carefree moments of partygoers dancing and enjoying themselves, unaware of the tragedy that was about to unfold. This powerful imagery underscores the stark contrast between the celebration of life and the brutality of terrorism, leaving a lasting impact on those who view it.

Please note: Videos shared below have graphic content. Viewers discretion is advised.

Meanwhile, Israel's War Room on X, previously known as Twitter, has shared videos that expose the horrifying scenes of Hamas militants carrying out the massacre. These terrorists systematically blocked escape routes for festival attendees, resulting in a wave of violence that included gunfire directed at people in their vehicles and the deliberate ignition of vehicles.

Those attempting to escape on foot faced a grave risk as Hamas militants targeted festival attendees desperately trying to find safety. Escaping through the fields became perilous, with no secure path to refuge.

Many who sought sanctuary in their vehicles met a horrifying fate, as their cars were intentionally set ablaze, often with occupants still inside.

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According to a CNN report, the heavily armed and coordinated Hamas attackers blocked exit routes from the festival, swarming the site and showing no mercy to those in hiding or attempting a desperate escape.

The CNN report, relying on eyewitness accounts, described how even those who managed to reach nearby bomb shelters by car remained unsafe. Hamas terrorists fired at them at point-blank range and even threw grenades inside the reinforced concrete blocks.

Desperate festivalgoers who dispersed into the wilderness tried to conceal themselves under cactus scrub, bushes, or by burying themselves in the sand. However, they were relentlessly pursued by Hamas terrorists armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Amidst the chaos, several Nova festival attendees were taken hostage by Hamas, and some have since appeared in videos in Gaza, raising further concerns about their safety.

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