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Doha Agreement: Was there ever one between US and Taliban?

Was the Doha agreement really violated when the United States carried out a drone strike against Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan or was violated when the Taliban hid the global designated terrorist in a high-profile neighbourhood of capital Kabul. Asianet Newsable spoke to a number of experts to decode.

Doha Agreement: Was there ever one in place between US and Taliban?
New Delhi, First Published Aug 4, 2022, 12:05 AM IST

With the United States and Taliban accusing each other of violating the Doha Agreement over the precision attack that eliminated Al Qaeda chief Al Zawahiri, a debate is underway with regard to who really breached the accord that was signed before the Ashraf Ghani government was overthrown by the Taliban in 2021.

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Asianet Newsable spoke to a number of experts, who have been keeping a close watch on the developments in the South Asian region, and particularly in Afghanistan. 

Smruti S Pattanaik
Research Fellow at Manohar Parrikar–Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

"From very beginning, the Doha Agreement, which was agreed between the Taliban representatives and the United States, was completely flattered when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Seizing the country was not part of the Accord. In the agreement, it was mentioned that the Taliban will collect power through a process. To blame the United States, it doesn't make any sense. The (Ashraf) Ghani government was also a stakeholder. Taliban did not follow anything which was written in the agreement."

Dr Dhananjay Tripathi
Associate Professor at South Asian University

"For the Taliban, it's the only way to defend itself by blaming others and face a saving approach; for the US, it's like a continuation of the old policy. It appears there is a rift inside the Taliban, and the US has substantially penetrated inside the Taliban organisation. This (drone strike) can't happen without solid intel about al-Zawahiri's presence in Afghanistan." 

Qamar Agha
Expert on Afghanistan

"The Doha Accord failed on the same day the Taliban seized Afghanistan by force in August 2021. In the agreement, it was decided that a government would be formed, including women, religious minorities and among others. It has not happened till date. No transfer of power was held. The Americans were withdrawing from the country and the Taliban captured the territory. The elected government fled the country. The Doha Agreement has never been in place. 

In the agreement, there was a provision that no safe sanctuary to be provided to the terrorists. But now it has come out in public that Al Qaeda chief was there. As per a report, other terrorists are also hiding there.

The Taliban has no faith in international treaties. Basically, it is a terrorist organization and operating in the same way that they used to do decades back. In the days to come, the situation would further deteriorate in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. It is becoming a safe country of several terror organisations. Pakistan also wants that there should be no peace in Afghanistan. Taliban is a proxy of ISI."

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