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Spooky video or a prank? Watch little boy vanish mid-ride at fair in Malaysia

A mysterious video of a boy disappearing from a ride has emerged on social media and intrigued the netizens.

Spooky video or a prank? Watch little boy vanish mid-ride at fair in (Malaysia) - gps
India, First Published Jun 24, 2022, 9:10 PM IST

An unsettling video of a little child vanishing during a fair ride at a theme park in Johor, Malaysia, has gone viral. Nur Afrina Rosni, 30, who was filming her five-year-old son Muiz Afrina sitting close to the youngster who appeared to have vanished in the video, saw the entire scenario unfold. Who is seated next to Muiz, Nur Afrina Rosni asked in her TikTok post when she first posted the video? Later on, the footage was posted on Twitter by user Sinaran Wanita.

The viral video shows 5-year-old Muiz Afrina sitting next to a boy in the same car on the ride. During the first round, the unidentified boy can be seen passing the mother. While the car rotates and comes again, her son can be seen sitting alone in the car, and the boy next to him disappears. He is not even visible, hiding in the car or another car on the ride.  

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In the popular video, a 5-year-old girl named Muiz Afrina is seen riding in the same automobile as a guy. The unnamed youngster may be seen passing the mother during the opening round. Her son may be seen sitting alone in the car while the one next to him vanishes as the automobile rotates and returns. On the journey, he is hidden in the auto or another car, so he is not even apparent.

The video became insanely popular on numerous social media sites after being posted online. Social media users were perplexed after viewing the movie since the youngster abruptly vanished in the middle of the ride in front of everyone.

According to reports, the mother said she wanted to travel with her kid. She didn't, though, since the chairs were too cramped. She claimed that when she glanced around after the ride, the other youngster was not to be seen. She spoke of being perplexed and astonished when she first noticed the incidence. Observe the video.

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