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Watch: Snake stuck inside woman's ear: viral video stunned netizens

A shocking video shows a yellow and black snake stuck inside a woman's ear and a surgeon making multiple attempts to remove the reptile from her ear.

Snake stuck inside woman's ear: viral video stunned netizens - gps
First Published Sep 13, 2022, 4:26 PM IST

Bizarre incidents keep occurring worldwide, day in and day out. While many tickle the funny bone, a few are scary and disturbing. We all know snakes are the deadliest and most venomous animals on the planet. Can you imagine a snake entering a person's ear? Yes, you read it right.

In one such distressing happening, a tiny snake went inside a woman's ear. Yes, the viral video shows a yellow-coloured snake stuck inside a woman's ear and exhibiting no signs of coming out. 

In the video, an alive snake looks out from the ear. While a doctor, wearing hand gloves, is seen using a device to remove the snake from the patient's ear. After several attempts and techniques, the around four-minute clip ends before the snake is removed from the female patient's ear. Also, there is not much information about where this incident occurred.

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The user identified as Chandan Singh shared this video on Facebook with the caption, "The snake went inside the ear". The disturbing video captivates netizens' attention however ends in suspense about whether the snake is removed or not.

After being shared online, the video accumulated over 142K views and 136 likes. Social media users were shocked and frightened by the clip and expressed several opinions in the comments section. Many users asked the Facebook user to publish the entire video, while a few were interested in how the snake got inside the ear. Some users also called the video fake.

The World Health Organization report says that around 81,000 and 138,000 people die because of snake bites every year. Also, several people survive with many complications and other permanent disabilities.

Many people became victims of terrible snake strikes. A few circumstances also leave people in shock.

Netizens might have seen snakes creeping into buildings and closed enclosures. However, this strange, never seen video stunned online users.

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