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Netizen enraged after IAS officer tweets about betel nut stain in flight

IAS officer Awanish Sharan's tweet has gone viral as social media users are outraged to spot the Gutka stain on a flight.

Netizen enraged after IAS officer tweets about betel nut stain in flight - gps
India, First Published May 27, 2022, 8:50 PM IST

Despite several campaign on hygiene and cleanliness, there continue to be people who fail to understand its importance. Government has conducted several awareness drives, constant warnings, and heavy fines to keeping cities clean. From public streets to private theatres, betel nut stains and used cigarettes, beedi can be discovered all around the place. From local trains to bus stands, several places have been dirtied because of gukta and paan stains.

Recently, IAS officer Awanish Sharan tweeted a picture of a gutka stain below an aeroplane window. Yes, a significant trace of gutka can be seen under the plane's window seat. Sharing the image on a microblogging site IAS officer Awanish Sharan sarcastically captioned it in Hindi (translation says), “Somebody left their identity behind.”

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After being shared on social media, the tweet garnered around 16.8K likes and 1,529 retweets. The viral post infuriated netizens, and several demanded stringent action against the person liable for littering the plane. 

Many joked about the happening and expressed sarcastic opinions. 
While a few felt that the gutka eating craze promoted by film artists had influenced people to use tobacco products. A user wrote, "The only thing that could possibly make a differnce,in the unique case of India,is EDUCATION.Why so? Educaton brings learning. Learning makes a man bettr equippd,more empowerd,capable of differentiating betwen right-wrong/good-evil/high-low. A man becomes well-informed & enlightened." Another commented, ”It might be coffee also. We can not judge based on photo." Many others urged the authorities to restrict air travel for individuals who have spilt tobacco all over the aeroplane. Watch the video.

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