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Kerala man kisses king cobra on head; spine-chilling video goes viral

A snake expert identified as Vava Suresh from Kerala planting a kiss on a king cobra's head has emerged on social media.

Kerala man kisses king cobra on head; spine-chilling video goes viral - gps
First Published Oct 21, 2022, 3:47 PM IST

Digital media is a repository of unique, fascinating and exciting content. While many of these videos delight social media users, a few are bizarre and will leave you in shock. One video of a Kerala man kissing a wild King Cobra on its head has surfaced online.

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Yes, We all know that king cobras are the most deadly snakes in the world. As snake venom directly affects the nervous system, the person won't be alive for more than 15 minutes. Even a trace quantity of poison is sufficient to paralyse a human being. Though almost everyone fears these creepy reptiles, many brave individuals rescue or handle snakes. However, the snake's response in this video will surely delight you.

Instagram user Saurabh Jadhav posted this video showing a man kissing the world's most deadly snake, King Cobra, on its head. Yes, you read it right. The video starts with the man closely following the snake from behind in an endeavour to kiss it. After a while, he successfully plants a kiss on its hood. 

According to the video's caption, the snake catcher was identified as Vava Suresh. Suresh is a famous snake rescuer from Kerala who caught more than 38,000 snakes and has received 3,000 odd bites. Some call him the 'Snake man of Kerala' and say he has rescued more than 190 king cobras.  

After being shared online, the video has received more than 794 likes. While many social media users praised Vava Suresh's valiant attempt, others believed it was too dangerous. We are sure that the clip will push you to watch it repeatedly. 

The longest King Cobra, with a maximum length of 5.85 metres, is found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. When the reptile lifts its body, it can move forward and attack from a significant distance.

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