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Florida woman arrested for calling 911 over 12,000 times this year to taunt officers

A Florida woman has been arrested after she called 911 more than 12,000 times this year alone, to “harass, to cuss and just degrade” the emergency call-takers”, a St. Petersburg Police Department spokesperson said in a statement. Carla Jefferson, 51, dialled in at least 12,512 times, accounting for around 10% of all calls to the precinct.

Florida woman arrested for calling 911 over 12000 times this year to taunt harass officers
First Published Aug 19, 2022, 6:49 PM IST

A 51-year-old Florida woman was detained after making over 12,000 911 calls in one year alone to annoy and insult police. According to a statement from the St. Petersburg police, Carla Jefferson, of Pinellas County, reportedly phones to "harass, to curse and simply trash" the emergency call takers.

According to police reports, Jefferson called 911 at least 12,512 times in the previous eight months. 10% of all inbound calls to St. Petersburg PD were from her constant and repeated calls.

"This is not simply a case of someone occasionally calling the cops or, you know, somewhat abusing the system. We have never had somebody cross the line in such a blatantly unacceptable manner as this person has," Fox 13 was told by Fernandez. The precinct claims that she once called in 512 times in a 24-hour period solely to leave "vulgar, threatening, or filthy" comments.

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In addition to dealing with emergencies, first responders had to deal with her aggressive calls, which held up the line far too frequently for the cops not to step in. Her calls are kind of getting in the way of our capacity to help normal people who need police assistance, the spokesperson said.

Jefferson was detained for the identical offence earlier in June and is presently out on bail. She had received a notification warning her that any more calls would result in legal action. The lady claimed demanded the police arrest her after getting the affidavit because she "loves playing this game" and phoned the station. In the end, she was charged with three misdemeanours for pestering cops and abusing the 911 emergency line.

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