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Angry tusker charges tourist canter in Corbet Tiger Reserve; watch

A terrifying video shows a close shave for tourists as a wild elephant runs towards their vehicle during a wildlife safari in Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbet Tiger Reserve.

Angry tusker charges tourist canter in Corbet Tiger Reserve; watch - gps
Uttarakhand, First Published May 2, 2022, 6:27 PM IST

For anyone fairly aware of wildlife, especially the Indian wildlife during summers, would know about the human-wildlife conflicts concerning wild elephants. There are have several deaths been reported from the Indian jungles including those in Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, where there is a sizable population of the wild tuskers.

These cases of conflicts largely arise during the summer season when Mahua, a type of flower used to make country liquor, is at full bloom. It is one of the favourite things of wild elephants that they love to eat. At the same time, the tribal go inside the jungles to collect Mahuas, for which they get a decent amount of money, It is during this time when chances of a human-wildlife conflict are high – whether it with an elephant or a tiger.

However, it is fairly rare for a wild elephant to attack a tourist vehicle in the national parks. But, a video of such an incident has emerged from the jungles of Jim Corbet Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand. 

A tourist canter was charged by an angry tusker during a safari. The horrifying clip starts with a jumbo suddenly appearing from the woods and charging towards the vehicle from a distance. Witnessing the angry elephant and its force the driver of the vehicle doesn’t lose his calm and put the canter in the reverse gear while the tusker continues to run towards the canter. However, after running a few metres the wild elephant gives up the chase midway. 

Corbett Tiger Reserve is an excellent place for numerous magnificent animals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, reptiles, birds and many other wild animals. The park was called the 'Hailey National Park' and was thereafter renamed 'Corbett National Park' after James Edward Corbett the renowned hunter turned conservationist of the area.

Watching wildlife is not a fun ride every time. Fortunately, these tourists had a reasonable amount of good luck. If you are a safari lover, please maintain a safe distance when you venture into one. Wild can turn wild at any moment. 

Nature conservationists have time and again asked forest departments to ensure wildlife preservation over-tourism and even demanded to restrict tourist movement to the bare minimum in the interiors of the forest for both protection and security purposes.

After being shared online, the video has garnered several reactions from social media users. While many have expressed their concern over the video, a few have also published funny comments. Watch the video.

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