Why do the Ambani family prefer Holstein-Friesian cow milk?

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Holstein-Friesian cow milk

Mukesh and Nita Ambani's family drinks milk from only Holstein-Friesian cows. 

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The Holstein-Friesian cows

The Holstein-Friesian cows are raised at the Bhagyalakshmi Dairy in Pune, which covers roughly 35 acres and houses over 3,000 cows. 

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Cost of milk

The milk from this dairy costs roughly Rs 152 per liter.

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How the Ambani's look after them

To get high-quality milk production, these cows receive particular care, such as sleeping on rubber-coated mattresses from Kerala and sipping RO-filtered water.

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Holstein-Friesian cows origin

The Holstein-Friesian cow, which originated in the Netherlands, is the leading breed in industrial dairy farming around the world. 

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A healthy calf weighs between 40 and 50 kg at birth, but a mature Holstein cow weighs between 680 and 770 kg and produces up to 25 liters of milk each day.

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