Rose to hibiscus: 7 flowers you can grow in your backyard

Rose to hibiscus are 7 flowers you can grow in your backyard for beauty and cultural significance

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Roses are one of the most popular and beloved flowers in India. They come in various colors and are often grown in gardens or pots

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Jasmine plants, with their fragrant white flowers, are commonly grown in pots or as climbers on fences and trellises

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Hibiscus plants, known for their large, colorful flowers, are common in Indian gardens. They are used for worship, and the leaves are also used for hair care

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Marigolds, especially the orange and yellow varieties, are commonly grown in Indian homes. They are used extensively for decorating during festivals, weddings

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Plumeria is a popular tropical flower plant in India. It is well-loved for its fragrant and colorful flowers. Plumeria flowers are often used in making garlands

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Aparajita is a climbing plant that produces bright blue or purple flowers. These flowers are used to make herbal tea and are also considered auspicious in certain Indian rituals

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