Roman theatre of Merida to Alhambra: 5 must visit places in Spain

Visit these 5 places from Alhambra in Granada to the Roman Theater of Mérida when you make that long awaited trip to Spain

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Alhambra, Granada

This Islamic architecture is unique, constructed by the Nasrid dynasty in the 13th century. it was later expanded by the Catholic Monarchs after the Reconquista

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Sagrada Família, Barcelona

This iconic architecture with a blend of Gothic and Art Nouveau is one of the largest unfinished catholic churches in the world. It is expected to be finished by 2026

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Alcazar of Seville

This royal palace has been the residenc for various spanish monarchs and it a classic combination of Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles

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The whole city of Toledo is an open-air museum and it served as the capital of Spain till the 16th century

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Roman Theater of Mérida

It's a well-preserved Roman ampitheatre with a sitting capacity of 6000 people

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