Suryavanshi Thakurs to break THIS 500-year vow on January 22

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First donned turbans

It has been over five centuries since the Suryavanshi Thakur community in Ayodhya's Sarairasi village first donned turbans. 

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The vow

This takes place before the Ram Temple's Pran Pratishtha Ceremony. The locals swore that they would refrain from donning turbans until the temple was rebuilt on the property.

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Who are Suryavanshi Thakurs

Ayodhya's Suryavanshi Thakurs assert that they are descended from Lord Ram.

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To break the 500-year vow

On January 22, they will break the 500-year-old vow made by their forefathers to abstain from wearing leather shoes, turbans, and umbrellas until Ram Mandir is rebuilt.

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Suryavanshi Thakurs attacked the Mughals

Rural mythology states that to defend the Ram temple, 90,000 Suryavanshi Thakurs attacked the Mughals.

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Ram Mandir

Ram Temple's Pran Pratishtha Ceremony will take place on January 22. 

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