Monaco to Switzerland: 5 most expensive country in the World

Explore the world's priciest destinations! From the glitz of Monaco to the allure of Singapore, delve into luxury living and top-tier amenities

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Iceland, the fifth most expensive country, requires $2,457 per person. Its remote location and small population elevate costs

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With a cost of $2,850 per person, Switzerland ranks fourth. Its high expenses are due to substantial wages, taxes, and a strong economy

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Cayman Islands

Third in line, the Cayman Islands demand $3,255 monthly per person. Known for its strong economy, imported goods, and thriving tourism

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Ranking second, Singapore's cost of living is $3,408 per person. Its economic strength, political stability, and exceptional infrastructure justify the high expenses

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The most expensive country, Monaco, requires $3,955 per person monthly. Its high costs reflect its luxurious lifestyle, prime location, and robust economy

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