Mango Bangles to Lakshmi Bangles: 6 types of gold bangles in Kerala

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Mango Bangles

These are characterized by their mango-shaped design elements. They feature a series of small, curved mango-shaped motifs linked together, creating an elegant and timeless look.

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Temple Jewellery Bangles

They often feature depictions of deities, floral patterns, and other traditional motifs. temple jewelry bangles are known for their detailed craftsmanship in Kerala.

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Lakshmi Bangles

These are adorned with images of Goddess Lakshmi. These bangles are believed to bring good fortune and are commonly worn during festivals and weddings.

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Kada Bangles

Kada bangles are thick, broad & solid gold bangles that are often worn by both men & women in Kerala. Kada bangles may be plain or intricately engraved with traditional motifs.

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Antique Gold Bangles

They often feature intricate designs inspired by Kerala's rich cultural heritage, such as peacock motifs, temple patterns, and floral designs.

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Churidar Bangles

These are a set of multiple thin gold bangles worn together, creating a stacked effect. It can be mixed and matched with other designs to create a unique look.

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