Georgina Rodriguez: Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend swears by this diet

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Diet and Lifestyle

Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, discusses her diet plan and lifestyle choices in a recent interview.

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Balanced Diet: 85% Healthy, 15% Indulgences

She maintains a balanced diet, with 85% of her food being healthy, following the Mediterranean diet.

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Rodriguez's Guilty Pleasures

Rodriguez admits to indulging in occasional sweet treats, making up the remaining 15% of her dietary choices.

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Lifelong Love for Ballet

The Spanish model shares her passion for ballet, a discipline she has been involved in since the age of three.

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Encouraging Her Daughters to Explore Ballet

She expresses her desire for her daughters, Alana and Bella, to explore the world of performance dance.

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A Peek into Rodriguez's Daily Meals

Rodriguez provides insights into her daily meals, including a French omelette for breakfast and fruit as a mid-morning snack.

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From Omelettes to Cockles: Rodriguez's Menu

Her lunch typically consists of puree, grilled meat, and vegetables, while she enjoys canned cockles with lemon for a snack.

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Balancing Health and Indulgence

Rodriguez maintains a consistent and balanced diet while allowing herself occasional indulgences in drinking beer.

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