5 ways how you should spend your day while fasting

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1. Prayer and Meditation:

Begin your day with a morning prayer to invoke blessings and seek strength for the fast ahead. Spend some time in meditation to focus your mind and connect with your inner self.

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2. Dress Up:

Karwa Chauth is a day to adorn yourself in beautiful traditional attire, jewelry, and henna (mehendi).

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3. Connect with Other Fasting Women:

Spend time with other fasting women. You can share stories, exchange mehendi designs, and encourage each other throughout the day.

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4. Engage in Creative Activities:

To keep your mind occupied and pass the time, engage in creative activities such as drawing, painting, reading, or even knitting.

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5. Attend Puja Ceremonies:

If you have the opportunity, participate in Karwa Chauth puja ceremonies held. The collective energy and rituals enhance the spiritual significance.

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