Diwali 2023: 7 ways to celebrate the festival alone and away from home

For those who find themselves away from home, the warmth of family gatherings may be missed. But fear not, make Diwali a joyous occasion even when miles away from home. 

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Connect Virtually

Distances can be bridged with a simple video call. Schedule a virtual Diwali celebration with your loved ones. Share the joy of decorating, lighting diyas, and virtual feasts.

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Explore Local Celebrations

Check out local Diwali events or gatherings. You might find a community celebration that helps you feel the festive spirit and make new connections.

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Create a Festive Ambiance

Transform your living space into a mini Diwali haven. Decorate with lights, candles, and traditional Diwali decor.

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Care Package Exchange

Coordinate with friends or family for a care package exchange. Send and receive a box of festive goodies, personalized notes, and little surprises.

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Cook a Feast

Prepare your favorite Diwali dishes or try your hand at traditional recipes. The aroma of festive delicacies can bring back memories and make your celebration feel more authentic. 

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Engage in Acts of Kindness

Diwali is also a time for giving and spreading joy. Consider volunteering at local charities or organizations. Acts of kindness can create a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

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Self-Reflection and Self Care

You can also engage in self reflection and self care. Use this period to practice mindfulness or pamper yourself with your favorite food, a good book, or a relaxing spa day.

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