Chaitra Navratri 2024: 9 auspicious colours & their significance

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Day 1: Yellow

Wearing yellow clothing on this first day represents pleasure, hope, and enlightenment for believers. The color yellow is associated with fresh starts and the sun's brightness.

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Day 2: Green

Represents development, peace, and wealth. It is a reflection of the richness of nature and our lives are blessed by Goddess Brahmacharini, personification of peace and prosperity.

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Day 3: Grey

It represents the strength of Goddess Chandraghanta, who is ferocious in her determination to defend her followers but yet kind.

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Day 4: Orange

Associated with vigor, excitement, and inventiveness. It represents the vigor and brightness linked with Goddess Kushmanda, the origin of all energy and the creator of the cosmos.

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Day 5: White

Represents tranquility, purity, and serenity. It symbolizes heavenly mercy of Lord Kartikeya's mother, Goddess Skandamata, who grants her followers maternal love and protection.

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Day 6: Red

Stands for action, strength, and passion. It represents the fierceness and bravery of Goddess Katyayani, who vanquishes bad entities and imbues her followers with justice.

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Day 7: Royal Blue

Exudes depth, knowledge, and serenity. It embodies the heavenly radiance of Goddess Kalratri, who guides her followers on the path to enlightenment.

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Day 8: Pink

Represents love, compassion, and sincerity. It represents the protective and loving character of Goddess Mahagauri, who bestows favors and affection onto her followers.

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Day 9: Purple

Associated with metamorphosis, spirituality. It stands for the transcendental might of Goddess Siddhidatri, who bestows enlightenment and heavenly wisdom upon her followers.

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