7 Practical birthday gifts: Celebrate with purpose!

Here are 7 practical birthday presents that you can give to your loved ones, that will not only bring joy but will be useful to them in their daily life.

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Subscription Service

Gift a streaming subscription to connect with loved ones over shared interests. Enjoy endless entertainment together!

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Fitness Band

Caring for your loved ones include caring for their health, so gift them a fitness band that lets them keep a track of their health.

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Food Processor or Blender

In this fast pace life, appliances that make your cooking easier are a necessity. Consider gifting a blender or food processer on someone’s birthday.

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Bag or Backpack

A spacious waterproof bag with multiple compartments can be gifted to someone on their birthday. But keep in mind what kind of bags do they generally carry.

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Water Bottle

Help your loved ones stay hydrated by gifting them a sturdy water bottle, that they can carry anywhere.

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Umbrella or Raincoat

Yes, the most practical gift is these rain protectors. These will save your friends from heavy downpours and remind them of you everytime they use these gifts.

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A portable charger

Power banks or portable chargers come in handy many times when you are away on trips. So gifting portable chargers is a good option.

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