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New 'Ram Kit' promises breakthrough solutions for heart patients

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1. Symbolism in 'Ram Baan':

The 'Ram Kit' draws inspiration from the Hindi phrase 'Ram Baan,' symbolizing the ultimate solution to a problem.

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2. Distribution by Prayagraj's cantonment hospital:

Prayagraj's Cantonment hospital takes the lead by distributing the 'Ram Kit' among 5,000 families in Sangam city from January 13.

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3. Composition and immediate relief:

The 'Ram Kit' comprises three essential medicines: Ecosprin (blood thinner), Rosuvastatin (cholesterol control), and Sorbitrate (enhancing heart function).

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4. Faith in Lord Ram's name:

Dr. Neeraj Kumar, a senior cardiologist, underlines the significance of naming the kit after Lord Ram due to the universal faith in his name.

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5. Affordability and accessibility:

Priced at a nominal Rs 7, the 'Ram Kit' is tailored to be accessible to the economically disadvantaged.

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6. Caution and golden hour:

While the 'Ram Kit' serves as a valuable resource, Dr. Pandey advises against relying solely on it and staying home in case of chest pain.

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7. Preventing fatalities:

The 'Ram Kit' aims to bridge this gap by providing immediate relief, potentially preventing fatalities during transit.

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