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BJP leader Amit Shah's assets REVEALED

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Assets declared

In his nomination, former BJP president and the number two in the Modi government, Shah declared his total assets in 2024 as worth Rs. 36 crore.

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No car and little cash

As per Shah's affidavit, he doesn't own a car and has declared assets in cash worth only Rs. 24,000.

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Other assets

Movable assets valued at Rs 20 crore and immovable assets valued at Rs 16 crore. His declared jewellery is worth Rs 72 lakh, while his wife's jewellery valued at Rs 1.10 crore.

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What about Amit Shah's wife?

Amit Shah's spouse, Sonal Shah, possesses assets exceeding Rs 31 crore, comprising movable assets valued at Rs 22.46 crore and immovable assets valued at Rs 9 crore.

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Total assets

According to the affidavit filed by Shah, the combined assets of Shah and his wife amount to Rs 65.67 crores.

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Declaration of loan & 2019 figure

According to the affidavit, Shah has a personal loan of Rs 15.77 lakh, while his wife has a loan of Rs 26.32 lakh. In 2019, the figure stood at Rs 30.49 crore..

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Shah's source of income

His sources of income include his salary as an MP, rental income from properties, agricultural earnings, and income from shares and dividends.

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