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Fasting for Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha?

If you are fasting on 22 January, the day of Pran Pratishtha in Ram Mandir, then here is a guide to ensure a disciplined and spiritually enriching experience.

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Fasting extends beyond abstaining from food

Start the day by waking up early, taking a bath, wearing clean clothes, and making a solemn pledge to observe the fast.

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Remember Lord Ram

During the fast dedicated to Lord Ram, begin by meditating on the statue or idol of Ram in your home. Offer a garland and seek his blessings

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Special Attention to Fruits

Include fruits in your diet at least once during the day. Ensure the purity of the food prepared at home, refraining from ingredients like onion and garlic.

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Moderate Eating and Drinking

Consume fruits only once a day to maintain the sanctity of the fast. Avoid frequent eating and drinking. Tea or coffee can be consumed if desired.

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Uphold Celibacy

Observe celibacy during the fast, as maintaining physical relations is believed to disrupt the sanctity of the fast. Maintain distance from your partner.

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Minimize Defecation

Frequent defecation is considered impure, and worship should be avoided after such instances. Thoroughly wash hands and feet to maintain purity.

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Anger Management

Avoid getting angry during the fast, as it can lead to uttering abusive words, potentially resulting in the failure of the fast.

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