Year Ender 2023: 7 most searched memes on Google in India

As we approach the conclusion of the year, let's explore the compilation of the most widely searched memes in India that captivated the nation and held everyone's attention.

Image credits: Youtube

Bhupinder Jogi Meme

The Bhupinder Jogi meme gained popularity in October and November. In the viral clip, amusingly repeats his own name when asked about the places he visited in the US.

Image credits: Youtube

So beautiful, so elegant meme

The meme featuring Jasmeen Kaur became a viral sensation on the internet, with celebrities such as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh participating in the trend.

Image credits: Youtube

Moye Moye meme

Serbian singer Teya Dora's "Moye More" playfully transformed into "Moye Moye on the internet," humorously illustrating relatable heartbreaks in online scenarios.

Image credits: Youtube

Aayein meme

The 'Aayein' meme originated from a small village interview where someone comically responded with a confused expression and a playful "aayein" when asked a question by a reporter.

Image credits: Youtube

'Aukat Dikha Di' meme

Derived from a scene in the Tamil movie "Aayitha Ezhutu," this meme has recently gained internet popularity, with numerous media influencers participating in the trend.

Image credits: Youtube

'Ohio' meme

A trend began when a social media post humorously declared "Ohio will be eliminated" on a bus board. It let to sharing quirky photos and videos with captions like "only in Ohio."

Image credits: Google

'The Boys' meme

The Boys meme originated from the American web series "The Boys." Men widely employed this meme to portray themselves in "cool" or impressive situations.

Image credits: IMDb
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