Sunny Deol to Beyonce, list of celebs banned in different countries

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Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is banned in Pakistan due to his harsh dialogues in the film 'Gadar'.

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in China due to bad behavior.

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Salena Gomez

Salena Gomez is banned in Russia because she supports LGBTQ+ and in China she took pictures with Dalai Lama.

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Beyonce is banned in Malaysia as her shows are deemed to be a promotion of Western Sexy culture.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is banned in China because of his film, '7 Years In Tibet', in which he portrayed the nation in a wrong manner.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been barred from performing in Indonesia because officials deemed her too vulgar for Indonesian culture. 

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