Kung Fu Panda to Bambi: 5 top animated movies to watch with kids

Po's determination to become to the Dragon warrior in Kung Fu panda to the classical Bambi, here's a list of 5 animated movies you should see with your kids

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Kung Fu Panda

The way Po believed that he could become the Dragon Warrior, this movie will similarly instill values of determination in kids

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This is a great movie to introduce your kids to disney animation movies, Bambi- the fawn's coming-of-age in the jungle is heartwarming. It deals with the themes of friendship, loss

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The Lion King

Simba's return to claim his rightful place in 'Pride Lands' is a great movie to watch with kids

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Step into the world of Elsa and Anna through a kingdom which is eternally trapped in winter

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Step into the world of Manny, Sid and Diego as they embark on a journey to return a lost human baby to it's family

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