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Christian community in Pakistan pleads for safety as attacks, threats escalate | WATCH

Christians in Pakistan are facing ongoing threats and attacks, prompting urgent pleas for safety. The man from the Christian community shared a video seeking help as they endure violence, blasphemy accusations, and rising religious intolerance.

The Christian community in Pakistan is facing a series of attacks and threats, raising concerns about their safety and religious freedom. In Lahore, an order to attack Christians was reportedly issued from a local mosque on Tuesday morning. 

Prior to this, a threatening message in Urdu was found written on a church in Faisalabad, which read, 'We have come...' Additionally, there have been attempts to file blasphemy cases against Christians.

In response to these incidents, the Christian community has released videos seeking help and highlighting the dangers they face. They have described the ongoing persecution and violence against them. The situation has become increasingly dire, with Christians fearing for their lives and property.

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One recent incident involved a dispute between a Christian youth and local residents in Sheikhupur, Lahore. Following the dispute, Muslims were reportedly called to gather from a nearby mosque, prompting members of the Christian community to flee the area. In a video plea, they begged for assistance in protecting their lives and property.

Another disturbing incident occurred in Rahmat Town, Faisalabad, where words invoking Mohammad and Allah were written on the outer wall of a church. This act of vandalism not only threatens the church but also puts the Christian community in a precarious position. Removing the offensive words could potentially lead to blasphemy charges, while staying in the area exposes them to threats and violence.

Despite these challenges, the police chief of Pakistan's Punjab province claimed that minorities in the country are safer than in neighboring countries. However, the ongoing attacks and threats against the Christian community paint a different picture, raising concerns about their security and religious freedom.

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