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Karnataka rains: KSRTC bus driver using umbrella while driving to protect from leaking roof goes viral (WATCH)

A viral video shows a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus driver using an umbrella to shield himself from rain leaking through the bus roof, highlighting poor maintenance. This incident has sparked widespread outrage and criticism of the KSRTC, questioning the effectiveness of the Shakti Yojana and calling for urgent improvements in bus safety and maintenance.

A video capturing a shocking incident involving a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus driver has gone viral, sparking widespread outrage. The footage shows the driver of a Madikeri to Mangalore KSRTC bus holding an umbrella while driving to protect himself from rainwater leaking through the bus roof.

In a clear example of the deteriorating condition of state transport services, the bus was so poorly maintained that rainwater seeped through the roof, forcing the driver to drive with an umbrella in one hand. The dangerous situation was recorded by a passenger and quickly spread across social media platforms, drawing criticism from netizens.

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The video has ignited a firestorm of criticism against the KSRTC and the state government's management of public transportation. Many people have expressed their frustration and concern over the state of the buses, especially during the rainy season. The incident has raised serious questions about passenger safety and the overall condition of the state-run bus fleet.

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Critics are questioning the effectiveness of the Shakti Yojana, a government initiative aimed at providing free bus service to women in Karnataka. They argue that despite such schemes, the basic maintenance and safety standards of the buses are not being met. The contrast between the deteriorating KSRTC services and poor bus service has also been highlighted by the public.

There is a growing demand for the government to address these issues urgently. Passengers and concerned citizens are calling for immediate measures to ensure proper bus maintenance and safety.