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Winter Guide: How to take care of your child's health during wintertide

We spoke to Dr. Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Consultant- Pediatrics, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, who advised us how to protect children from falling sick during winter.

Winter Guide: How to take care of your child's health during wintertide RBA
First Published Dec 19, 2022, 2:26 PM IST

Winters are pleasant, with cold breezes that make you want to sip on hot chocolate and stay indoors under a warm blanket. However, during winter, children can be easily affected by viral illnesses and other diseases. It is important to take precautionary measures to protect children from falling sick.

Tips to improve your child’s immunity during winters:

  • Drink plenty of water – It is important to stay hydrated. The intake of warm water can help both in staying warm as well as being hydrated. If your child isn’t in favour of consuming a lot of water, you can give your child liquids like fresh pressed fruit juices, clear soups etc.
  • Get enough rest – Children need roughly 9 hours of sleep per night to function properly. This will help the growth of your child's immunity and ensure that it is in place.
  • Engage in physical activity – Good workout in the form of playtime, exercise etc, ensures the release of endorphins in children, which helps boost immunity. Children should engage in physical activity for 45 minutes to two hours.
  • Consume a balanced diet – It is crucial to curate a balanced diet to improve your child’s immune system. In winter, these diets can be protein-rich. Paneer, chicken, almonds, and other foods that are high in protein can be included in the diet.

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3 Foods to avoid during winters: 

  • Deep fried foods – Fried foods like chips, fried meat etc that are fried in animal products like oil, ghee etc should be avoided during winter as they tend to develop the thickening of saliva and mucus. When frying is required, it is ideal to use vegetable oils instead of animal product-based oils. 
  • Sugary drinks and sweets – Increased sugar intake can cause inflammation and pain. This can make your child prone to respiratory issues that affect immunity. High sugar levels in these food components can also cause the body to develop insulin resistance.
  • Raw or cold salads – In the winter, raw or cold salads may be difficult to digest and hence cause indigestion. It can further lead to bloating and acidity. 

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