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Long Covid: Hair loss, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction are symptoms, claims study

Latest study has claimed that low sex drive, hair loss and erectile dysfunction are among the various symptoms of long covid. The other symptoms of Covid that lasted beyond 12 weeks included fever, chest pain, bowel incontinence and limb swelling.

Long Covid: Hair loss, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction are symptoms, claims study drb
Mumbai, First Published Jul 27, 2022, 5:50 PM IST

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Around two million people in the United Kingdom (UK) have shown persistent symptoms after Covid-19 infection, which has been termed as long Covid. Some of the commonly reported symptoms of long Covid include shortness of breath and fatigue, that have a significant effect on people's daily activities, capacity to work and quality of life.

However, these symptoms are much broader, as per a latest study. The journal Nature Medicine recently published a new study in which it identified 62 symptoms associated with long Covid.

Some of the symptoms of long Covid included fatigue, loss of sense of smell and shortness of breath. But, some symptoms that the study found were strongly associated with Covid beyond 12 weeks. These symptoms included loss of hair and reduced libido. Chest pain, bowel incontinence, fever, erectile dysfunction and limb swelling are among the other factors.

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The team of researchers did the study on only non-hospitalised patients, and were able to identify three categories of distinct symptoms that were reported by people with persistent health problems after Covid. These patterns of symptoms were grouped into mental health, respiratory symptoms, and cognitive problems.

People at increased risk: The team that conducted the study, also found key demographic behaviours and groups that put people at increased risk of developing Long Covid.

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The study claims that females and younger people are at greater risk of developing Long Covid. In addition to this, it also reportedly claims that people who are smokers, come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, are overweight or obese, or have existing health condition, have reported persistent symptoms.

The study is reported to have focused on the first phase of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom between January 2020 and April 2021. It had provided the team with an opportunity to compare who were infected with coronavirus infections along with a group of uninfected people.

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