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Karnataka struggles with soaring vegetable prices amid surge in fuel costs; Tomatoes cross Rs 100 in Bengaluru

Residents of Karnataka, particularly in Bengaluru, are grappling with soaring vegetable prices, with tomatoes exceeding Rs 100/kg. Factors like water scarcity, heat waves, and rainfall have disrupted crop yields. Local produce shortages, exacerbated by high transport costs, have led to significant price hikes for essentials like onions, beans, and eggplants.

Karnataka struggles with soaring vegetable prices amid surge in fuel costs; Tomatoes cross Rs 100 in Bengaluru vkp
First Published Jun 20, 2024, 11:44 AM IST

The residents of Karnataka are facing mounting concerns over escalating vegetable prices, exacerbated by recent hikes in petrol and diesel costs. In Bengaluru, the price of tomatoes has surpassed the Rs 100 mark, adding to the woes of consumers already grappling with increased expenses on daily essentials.

Over the past fortnight, the prices of various vegetables and greens have fluctuated dramatically across the state. Factors such as water scarcity affecting crop yield, heat waves causing wilting, and recent rains leading to rotting have all contributed to the volatility in vegetable prices. Furthermore, heightened freight charges have further driven up costs, making essential commodities even more inaccessible for many.

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According to reports from local markets and vendors, the scarcity of tomatoes has been particularly pronounced. Bengaluru, heavily reliant on supplies from Maharashtra, has seen a significant drop in local produce from regions like Mandya, Mysore, and Kolar due to adverse weather conditions and diseases affecting crops.

"The situation has been challenging," remarked a local vegetable vendor at the Bengaluru Vegetable Market. "We are struggling to meet the demand for tomatoes, peas, and other essentials. Customers are increasingly concerned about the rising prices and limited availability."

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The price surge isn't limited to tomatoes alone; onions, beans, white eggplants, and various greens have all seen substantial price increases, making household budgeting a daunting task for many families. For instance, beans have remained steady around Rs 220 per kilogram, while items like white eggplants have hit Rs 100 each.

The impact of these price hikes extends beyond individual households, affecting businesses and events that depend heavily on vegetable supplies. Weddings, housewarmings, and religious gatherings are reportedly facing shortages, with hotels struggling to source sufficient quantities of essential ingredients.

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