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Karnataka: Leopard sightings in Chamarajanagar spark fear among villagers

Leopard sightings outside their usual habitats in Chamarajanagar, especially in Kuntur village, have led to fear among villagers. Attacks on livestock, fewer devotees visiting shrines, and incidents like a girl surviving an attack have heightened concerns. This has impacted daily life, with people avoiding going out during the day, early closure of temples, and increased anxiety affecting sleep.

Karnataka: Leopard sightings in Chamarajanagar spark fear among villagers vkp
First Published Nov 22, 2023, 10:09 AM IST

Leopard sightings outside their usual habitats have frightened people in Chamarajanagar, especially in Kuntur village. These sightings and attacks have made villagers really scared and affected their daily lives and religious practices.

In Chamarajanagar, there have been more leopard attacks lately, like the one in Kuntur village where three sheep vanished. This has made the villagers even more worried, making them scared to go to fields or the Prabhulingeswaraswamy hill, leading to fewer people visiting there.

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People in Kuntur village have noticed fewer devotees coming to the hill shrine due to the frequent sightings of leopards. The attacks on livestock, like losing three sheep in a week, have made the villagers more anxious. The fact that a leopard was seen near the Bannari Amman sugar factory has also made night shift workers afraid when going to or from work.

This fear has made villagers, especially shepherds and cattle herders, reluctant to go out during the day. Because of this, temples are closing early, and locals don't want to work on their lands because of the danger.

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There have been incidents like capturing a leopard at Kuntur Hill and a girl surviving a leopard attack in Mallige village nearby. Even though officials tried to move the captured leopards, more sightings have made people worry about their safety.

The situation got worse with more leopard sightings around the hill where one was captured before, making people in Kuntur village anxious and more alert, affecting their sleep.

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