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Bengaluru's unpredictable traffic: Helicopter surprise stalls road, social media buzz follows

Bengaluru's traffic, known for its quirks, witnessed a helicopter stuck in the middle of a road, causing an unexpected traffic snarl. The incident, shared on social media, added a new twist to the city's unique traffic experiences, where even auto-rickshaw drivers embrace digital marketing.

Bengaluru's unpredictable traffic: Helicopter surprise stalls road, social media buzz follows vkp
First Published Sep 7, 2023, 6:13 PM IST

Bengaluru's traffic is renowned for its daily dose of surprises and peculiar occurrences, disrupting the routines of its residents with unpredictable events. On the city's roads, each day unfolds with something unique, often sparking laughter and amusement among netizens.

The city has witnessed incidents ranging from Uber apps checking on passengers during traffic jams to dedicated workers establishing impromptu offices amid gridlock. Bengaluru consistently challenges conventional expectations when it comes to traffic. However, the latest episode in the city's traffic saga has truly outdone itself—an image of a helicopter stranded in the middle of a road has gone viral on social media, leaving everyone astonished.

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This unexpected spectacle brought traffic on one side of the road to a complete halt, as a group of individuals collaborated to devise a plan to extricate the helicopter from its perplexing predicament. Who would have ever imagined that a helicopter could become the cause of a traffic snarl? Bengaluru is a city renowned for its ability to astonish!

One Platform X (formerly Twitter) user, @surana620, shared the image with a lighthearted caption: "Bangalore Traffic reasons."

This incident injected a fresh twist into Bengaluru's traffic quagmire, where now, a helicopter blocking the road might be the source of your travel delay. Whether you find it amusing or vexing is a matter of personal perspective.

He tagged Peak Bengaluru's official page on Platform X. Bengaluru traffic woes are always noteworthy as people often share their experiences over Social Media. With the surge in traffic, people often lament their unique and weird happenings over Social platforms. 

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Auto rikshaw drivers are often the main highlight of Bengaluru’s traffic experiences and passengers complain about their fares, behaviour and various other reasons on the tweet. Recently, one tweet went viral over Platform X, where a person tweeted about an Auto rikshaw driver in Bengaluru who was urging the passengers to tag him over Instagram with his official page.

Users commented, “It’s the Digital marketing era”.

On the subject of helicopters, Bengaluru has an intra-city helicopter service that provides a traffic-free alternative for those seeking refuge from the city's infamous traffic jams. FlyBlade India, the service provider, offers commuters the opportunity to bypass the arduous two-hour road journey and opt for a brisk 12-minute flight instead.

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