Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a tragic incident of violence took place in Chandrakona, West Midnapore. A father was accused of beating his pregnant teenage daughter to death. After beating the girl to death, the father put her body in a sack. Police have recovered the body of the girl.

According to reports, the teenage girl was a student of the local Kantor High School in Goaltore, West Midnapore. She was in the ninth grade.

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Narugopal Majhi, a resident of Galbandhi village, allegedly killed his own daughter. The man took the girl to her aunt’s house at Satbankura on Chandrakona Road and beat her to death.

According to police sources, the teenage girl had an affair with one of her neighbours. There was unrest between the two families. The family of the teenage girl was against the relationship. Amidst all these, the teenage girl became pregnant. The conflict between the two families took a turn for the worse after the news became public.

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To avoid unrest, the mother took the teenage girl to her aunt’s home in Chandrakona. A huge tiff started between the daughter and the father when they were discussing the problems in the aunt’s house.

The father got furious after a heated argument and beat the girl with a stick. Unable to see her daughter's condition, the mother went inside the room. The father continued to beat her. After a while, the girl fell to the ground. When the father found that his daughter had died, he picked up the body from the kitchen and filled it in a sack.

Neighbors got to know about the incident and immediately informed Chandrakona Police station. Police reached the spot and recovered the packed body. Police have arrested the accused father. The body of the deceased pregnant girl was sent for autopsy.