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Why is brothel soil used for making idols of Goddess Durga? Here’s the reason

Durga Pooja is celebrated across the country but is mainly celebrated in West Bengal. The craftsmanship of the idols is genuinely a wonder; each detail is so precise that it takes days to finish them. According to traditions, there are certain things that these craftsmen need to follow – one of these is that soil from a brothel is used to make the idols. Wondering why? Here is the answer to it.

Why is brothel soil used for making idols of Goddess Durga Here is the reason sur
First Published Sep 23, 2022, 7:30 AM IST

Durga Puja is celebrated for at least 6 to 10 days in different parts of the country, mainly in Kolkata. The festival is also celebrated as Navratri (nine nights) in North Indian states. This year, the celebration of Navratri will begin on September 26 and end on October 4.

The by-lanes of Kumartuli in Kolkata become joyful, with artisans and idol makers giving shape to the ten-armed goddess Durga and her family with clay for Durga pooja. The kumars, or the makers of the god, create the chinmayi (clay idols), which are made mrinmoyi through a ritualistic practice of the priest during the five-day festivities. Days of hard work are put into the idol-making process. These idols are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship, and the demand for these idols is always high. People buy these idols to keep them in their houses.

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The clay is brought down the river Hoogly from Uluberia, a village near the city, which has the best clay for shaping the idols. The bank of the river is not the only place from which clay is used in making the idols. According to Hindu traditions, four things are significant when the idol of the goddess Durga is made. 

These four things are - the mud should be from the banks of Ganga, cow dung, cow grind and soil from the brothel called ‘Nishiddho Pallias’ should be used for making the idol; otherwise, it is considered incomplete. It is believed that should be begged from sex workers, and they should hand it as a blessing called ‘Punya Mati’. Earlier, the soil was collected by the priest. But these days, the soil is collected by the person who makes them. It is customary to include outcast people to participate in the festivities mainly because people who visit these prostitutes do not think or give importance to their virtues to satisfy their carnal desires.

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According to the Vedas, Navkanyas are worshipped during Durga pooja and portray the innocent side of a woman.  The different duties or backgrounds are considered significant, like that of a Nati dancer actress, a Vaishya prostitute, a Rajaki laundry girl, a Brahmani brahmin girl, a Shudra a Gopal milkmaid who represent the forms of Durga. Society is incomplete if importance is not given to these women; hence they are worshipped and appreciated differently.

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