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Pathaan Controversy: From poster-burning in Indore to boycott on social media, Shah Rukh, Deepika face heat

The troubles for the much-awaited SRK and Deepika starrer big-budget actioner family entertainer film, Pathaan are just getting started with no signs of stopping. Apparently, SRK and Deepika starrer Pathaan is creating a wild storm that refuses to stop itself. The posters of both stars have been, burned at a chowk in Indore.

Pathaan Controversy: SRK and Deepika starrer film stirs problems as superstar's posters burnt in Indore vma
First Published Dec 15, 2022, 2:09 PM IST

Bollywood is not short of controversies nowadays. A few years back, during the release of Padmaavat, the film faced many obstacles and objections from various sections of India. History is repeating itself now. Ever since the SRK and Deepika starrer song, Besharam Rang, from Pathaan, has been released, the film is getting embroiled in controversies.

The whole controversy around Pathaan is getting bigger. Yesterday, we saw how the Madhya Pradesh Minister, Narrottam Mishra, opened up and said that the song Besharam Rang is highly objectionable. The source of chaos seems to be around the saffron-colored bikini that Deepika Padukone has donned in the song Besharam Rang.

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For starters, the color of the bikini worn by Bollywood diva, Deepika, is not even light orange or saffron but a rather deep shade of burnt orange. Many right-wing people have given it a religious angle. It is because of Shah Rukh Khan being a Muslim superstar. The fact that he is wearing a dark green shirt has also come under the radar. This type of controversy is not commonly seen in Bollywood and even in Indian cinema.

A fan named Sameer Khan posted a video on December 14, 2022, on his Twitter handle. In the video, we can see many people burning the effigies and posters of global superstar Shah Rukh Khan. It has not settled down well with them that Shah Rukh Khan is wearing a green shirt in the song and Deepika is wearing a saffron-colored-bikini.

Meanwhile, there is a trend on Twitter by name of Boycott Bollywood. Let us have a look at some tweets. 

"I was waiting for graphic experts to correct the image colour Now its better! Isn't it? #BoycottBollywood with no exceptions what so ever #BoycottBollywoodForever #BoycottPathaan," said a fan. "Fact Check: Left: Women in Pathan movie with screen Pathan SRK. Right: Women in Afghanistan with real Pathans. They want to show you exactly opposite of truth & make money. Glorifying Islaa* & Mocking Hind* won't work anymore. Let's Boycott Bollywood," said another fan. "Subtle…very subtle. Check their hand gestures. What she’s doing & what he reciprocated her with? Fully izlamised #Urduwood #BoycottPathan #BoycottPathaan #BoycottBollywood," a fan added. "Same to same #Deepika. The skeleton looks more graceful and also looks like the skeleton has eaten more than Deepika Padukone in the last few day's #BoycottPathaan #BoycottBollywood #BoycottbollywoodCompletely #SRK #BoycottPathan #BoycottbollywoodForever," another fan added.

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Now, many television news channels are reporting that members of a group called Veer Shivaji Group has burnt effigies of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone at a chowk of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They have asked the filmmakers to remove the objectionable scenes from the song. They have also requested them to consider the fact related to how the use of saffron bikini is an insult towards Hinduism. The film is going to release on January 25, 2023, in theatres. It is just over a month. Now it has to be seen if these protests will grow more or not in the forthcoming days.

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