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Malaika Arora hits back at people who criticised her for dating 12-years-old younger Arjun Kapoor

Malaika Arora responded to haters who criticise her for dating Arjun Kapoor on the latest episode of her show 'Moving In With Malaika' streaming on Hotstar. Also, in a video message, we can see Arjun encouraging Malaika before her stand-up act, telling her she is one of the "funniest people" he has ever met.

Malaika Arora hits back at people who criticised her for dating 12-years-old younger Arjun Kapoor; here's what she said RBA
First Published Dec 9, 2022, 8:18 AM IST

In the latest episode of her Kardashians-style reality web programme Moving In With Malaika, Malaika Arora put up an outstanding stand-up comedy skit and talked about her life's issues in a lighter tone. During a stand-up comedy skit she performed on the show, the stunning diva addressed a variety of issues. The Chaiyya Chaiyya gave a befitting reply to trolls who roast her for dating Arjun Kapoor - a guy younger than her age.

The diva began her stand-up comedy sketch by discussing the topics she is trolled about. At first, she said that people have problems with everything she does. The actress said they are all jealous of her because she is ageing like fine wine.

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Malaika spoke about people who call her buddhi, auntie and cradle snatcher. She says, “People are jealous because she is ageing like a fine wine. People advise you to wear a saree if you are going old, but even if you wear a saree they say you’re so much of clothes that we can’t recognise you.”

She hit back at the trolls, who target her for dating a younger man (Arjun Kapoor). She said, “Just a PSA for everyone, I’m not ruining his life. It’s not like he was going to school and he wasn’t liking his studies. Every time we are on date, it’s not like we are bunking classes. I didn’t catch him on the streets where he was catching Pokemons. Guys, he’s a grown-up man. We are two consenting adults."

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She adds,"If an older man dates a younger girl, people call her player, on the contrary if an older woman dates a younger man they call her cougar. They call her unfair."

The fitness queen says that she is even trolled for her walk. They call it the duck walk. She said, “If I have a tight b** where I can serve a seven-course meal, then why shouldn’t I walk like a duck? In fact I can walk like a duck, cat, cheetah because I don’t give a d**k."

Malaika also said that she is an entrepreneur, a mother, and a daughter but divorced. Malaika bashed the people who call her out for her divorce and said," I’ve moved on, my ex has moved on, when will you?"

Before Malaika's act, she was nervous, and the one person who cheered her up before was her actor-boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. With a video message, Arjun boosted Malaika and told her she is one of the ‘funniest people’ he has ever met.

“Hi baby! Let me tell you firstly, this is already a battle you have won. The fact that you agreed to do this and want to do this, the fact that you want to make people laugh. I know you. I know you are one of the funniest people around. That’s because you always laugh at my jokes," he said.

Arjun further revealed to Malaika that the world has always ‘admired and adored’ her; therefore, there’s no need to be afraid of anything. “I know you have been afraid about the set, learning the lines, looking into people’s eyes, about not being so conscious while cracking a joke. But you got this. You have always been the center of attraction. The lights have always been shining bright on you. The world’s been your stage. You have been admired and adored. You have done this all my yourself. Yeh bhi ho jaaega," he added.

The video message left Malaika in total amazement. She called the call ‘very filmy’ and then sent a flying kiss to Arjun.

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