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Brad Pitt names George Clooney the most handsome man on earth

Actor Brad Pitt was recently asked whom he considers the hottest man on the planet and was asked to name one from the past and one from the present.

Hollywood Brad Pitt names George Clooney the most handsome man on earth drb
First Published Sep 22, 2022, 7:29 PM IST

When It comes to picking an actor from Hollywood who is the hottest, many would name Brad Pitt. The ‘Bullet Train’ actor is considered one of the most handsome men in the world. But when he was asked to name two actors that he thinks are the hottest, one from the past and the other from the present, she was quick in naming George Clooney as the hottest man on the planet.

Recently, in an interview with Vogue, Brad Pitt was asked who he thought was the most handsome man on earth – one from the past and the other from the present. He first named an actor from the past saying, “You know in the acting world, because it's my day job, the immediate go-to is Paul Newman because he aged so gracefully."

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"By all reports, he was a really special, giving, warm and truthful human being," Brad Pitt added. Moving further, Brad Pitt was asked to name an actor from modern times. And that is when he selected an actor with whom he has worked on several films.

"If I was going to name someone present, I've got to name that George Clooney f***er because why not?" said Brad Pitt. He further added, "Usually I'm always taking him out and he's always taking me out. This time, I'm going to go the other way, just this once."

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Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has now ventured into the cosmetics industry. The actor stepped into the world of beauty by launching a skincare line that it meant for all genders. He started a line of beauty products under the name of ‘Le Domaine’, which Pitt co-founded with the Perrin family, organic wine growers. The company’s products aim at slowing down the process of skin ageing for everyone, regardless of gender or skin type.

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