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Exclusive: Shamshera star Ranbir Kapoor opens up about his equation with Sanjay Dutt, Vaani Kapoor and more

In a candid chat with Asianet Newsable, Ranbir Kapoor explains his absence from the big screen since the Sanjay Dutt biopic 'Sanju'. Kapoor also talks about his role in Karan Malhotra's Shamshera. 

Exclusive: Shamshera star Ranbir Kapoor opens up about his equation with Sanjay Dutt, Vaani Kapoor RBA
Mumbai, First Published Jul 19, 2022, 12:36 PM IST

Bollywood film Shamshera will be released in IMAX on July 22. The "action spectacular" has earned a tonne of love from viewers, as seen by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of both its teaser, songs and trailer. It is said to be a visual delight for moviegoers. Produced by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner and directed by Karan Malhotra, the film also stars Ranbir Kapoor in a double role with superstar Sanjay Dutt as the antagonist with Vaani Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Saurabh Shukla and Ashutosh Rana.

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For the first time in Ranbir Kapoor's acting career, he will be portraying two roles in a single movie. In Shamshera, Ranbir plays both the father and the son. 

The freshest couple of the year is Ranbir Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor will be seen playing Balli and Sona. They are, without a doubt, the sexiest on-screen coupling this year. Their on-screen chemistry is highly acclaimed. Talking about Vaani, Ranbir said that they grew close during the filming of Shamshera, "We genuinely became friends. We had a great time hanging out with one other. She did a fantastic job, in my opinion, and I am curious to see how others will react to her role in Shamshera. She plays a crucial part in the movie, and viewers will have to wait to see it to appreciate it fully."

When we asked Ranbir Kapoor about his absence from the big screen after Sanjay Dutt's biopic 'Sanju' and how excited he is to come back, to which he said, 

It has been a while at the cinema, very proud of the film; we saw the movie (Shamshera) recently, it is better than I had imagined or the script we read at the starting; now looking forward to the audience's reactions." "After 'Sanju,' I was working on 'Shamshera' and 'Brahmastra'." After these two high-profile films were finished, my father fell ill, and a pandemic broke out." He added

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Ranbir Kapoor, on preparing for his role as a daku (bandit), he said, "I did quite a few robberies (says jokingly) to get into the role. No, the part is not negative; very positive, I am playing two characters, Shamshera and Bali (Father and son)." "Every film comes with its preparations, our director was very prepared, so we have to bore from his vision which was written on paper. Yes, we worked very hard." 

"You have to go through physical and mental transformations with every film; this film has two characters and has high obtain action; I had to start up with the antagonist that the legendary Mr Sanjay Dutt plays. To start up against him was not an easy feat for any actor. Also, I think it was a big challenge. Hence, it took a lot of preparations: Ranbir said.

Shamshera's visual effects have received a lot of accolades thus far; in the film. Over 2.5 years of VFX effort have gone into producing this eye-popping sight. Ranbir also talked about how a film's VFX puts pressure on the performance. Kapoor said, "The VFXs are anyways a pressure because they are VFX movie. Both my films, Brahmastra and Shamshera have them, and both of them are engaging films very different; they are the kind of cinema and characters that I wanted to be a part of; I am very grateful and lucky to have these films in my filmography, so very excited for the release."

Ranbir felt good about their new association with Vaani Kapoor in the film. He hoped that as Balli (Ranbir) and Sona (Vaani), the audience would recognise, "It is a fresh pairing in Bollywood, and I believe viewers will adore our characters when they watch the movie. We've also recorded a few songs together, and I hope everyone enjoys them as well. Vaani worked hard on the movie and is deserving of all the love and adoration, "Ranbir concluded.

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