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Winter is here: Tips to take care of your car and bike

If you take care of a few things, your vehicle will steer past the winter season just fine

Tips to take care of your car and bike this winter season
New Delhi, First Published Nov 28, 2021, 11:00 AM IST

Starting your car on a wintery morning often be a problem. Due to fog in the winter season, moisture develops on the engine and spark plug. Because of this, it takes time for the engine to heat up. This problem is seen in both cars and two-wheelers. If you take care of a few things, your vehicle will steer past the winter season just fine

Keep the vehicle in the garage

Actually, due to low temperature and moisture in the air, the battery gets affected. In most cases, self-starting vehicles do not start in the morning without a jump-start. The solution is simple, keep the car covered. Prevent the entry of cold air into the garage, turn on the garage light a few times before leaving the car so the moisture evaporates from its heat. On the other hand, old batteries often cause problems. Also, if you replace the battery at the right time, then this problem can be dealt with in a better manner 

Don't lose brakes 

It is important to check brakes and suspension in winters. Often vehicles coming from the front are not clearly visible due to fog. In such a situation, there may arise a need to apply the brakes in a jiffy. For this, it is necessary that as soon as the winter arrives, the brakes must be repaired. At the same time, dew causes the roads to be slippery. To ensure your safety, get the brakes and suspension checked. Make sure your braking system is working properly before leaving the house.

Get the air pressure checked

Whether it is a bike or a car, in the winter season, it is very important to take care of the tires. If the tires are worn out, then there is a risk of your vehicle slipping off the road during foggy mornings. Avoid the risk, get the tire changed at the right time. Make sure to check the air pressure of the tire before leaving the house. Even if the tire is tubeless, keep the air pressure as per the company guidelines. 

Take care of yourself too 

If you are going out for a drive or ride in winter, then leave the house only after wearing warm clothes. The helmet should be used compulsory. Besides, make arrangements to avoid cold air from entering your ears or slamming into your head. Use hand gloves. If you are going in the car, keep the windows rolled up and keep the wipers running so that the front windscreen remains clean. It would be much better if you wear socks.

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